CAN Formula for Detachment by Chitra Lele

Detach from external control to re-attach with the universal reality.

Do you want to strengthen your inner locus of control? Yes is the answer! Please read on to become an autonomous performer.

I am not talking about emotional detachment or deadpan attitude or being non-reachable. The detachment I am referring to here is freedom from complete dependence on someone or something to lead our lives. This kind of dependence is detrimental as you become a prey to these external factors’ control over your life. The detachment I am talking about is being more attuned to spiritual life than worldly life. This leads to evolvement of the soul. It is about adhering to noble values.

Yes I agree all of us need wealth and monetary resources to lead our external lives. While garnering these materialistic resources we tend to become overly dependent on external factors and people to fulfill these needs. But by just focusing on these external needs and neglecting the pursuit of spirituality will lead you nowhere. We need to respect each other. It’s about the ability to allow people to be who they really are rather than who you want them to be. It’s about helping each other to achieve the higher purpose of life. The CAN formula will protect you from being hurt, manipulated and being taken advantage of by people. It will let you grow spiritually.

Autonomy of thoughts and decisions
Non productive factors need to be eliminated

 Develop the ability to love and help people without expecting anything in return. Do not fixate on the factor of controlling others. Respect each others’ individuality. Share space and visions but do not encroach upon individual emotional boundaries. Once you develop this attitude you will realize that you should not control others and others should not control you. Replace control with cooperation.

If you continue to rely on unhealthy relationships you will lose your sense of orientation and suffer from low self-worth. CAN will help you overcome the feeling of powerlessness when you are in the company of people whom you had once allowed to control your life. This is where self control becomes crucial. Once you learn to free yourself from external temptations you will be able to let go off temporary pleasure and concentrate on spiritual nourishment. The main aim is to negate the feeling of helplessness which one experiences while depending on others for fulfilling the material life, with a healthy focused attitude.

One of the most effective methods for establishing self control over your thoughts and decisions is future pacing. Here you will imagine a situation where you are likely to encounter people who have controlled you at some point in life. Then you will imagine all sorts of action-reaction cycles. You will deliberately replace all subversive action-reaction cycles with firm responses to the people involved. With constant practice of this method you will be able eliminate such dominating people from your life.

We all need to set emotional boundaries in place in order to develop a sense of independence and autonomy. By doing so, you will be able to improve upon the level of mental assertiveness. There are various important aspects in establishing your spiritual wellbeing:


1.  First is identifying people, places and things in your life from which you want to develop detachment.

2. Then work out all the reasons and rationale for letting go. There is no need to feel guilty as these attachments are not doing any good for your progress. Rather these toxic linkages can be only and only abusive, manipulative and coercive to you.

3. For all your needs seek the wisdom from the higher self through the formulas mentioned in this section. Attach yourself to something of higher essence, for example you may be working on a high profile project, your aim should be that of fulfilling your duties with utmost sincerity and not just for mere money or promotion. Once your higher level goals are clearly set you will not need anyone’s help in life, since this kind of goals are spiritual in nature and you do not need to collaborate with others to fulfill them. They are fulfilled from within; they become the purpose of your life.

      CAN will not only let you maintain distance from people who brainwash or control your thinking or mesmerize you but it will also facilitate the process to shift the focus to the inner spiritual needs. It will enable one and all to forgo the pleasures of this world in order to assist others to be happy. Detachment is not about isolation rather it is mutual support and trust for spreading the benefits of spirituality.

Let go! You CAN do it!

Shared Vision

A myopic view focusing only on profits is going to stunt the growth of any group of people. A shift in perspective towards a shared vision and shared values can lead to win-win situations for all the stakeholders.

A growing number of people, including myself, are seeking a more “intrinsically valued” lifestyle. This “intrinsically valued” aspect in life is possible and doable due to a shared vision. People with such shared values are the most committed people and they actively seek to align their values. When we do this, we all can experience that the greater this value congruence is and that too across all levels, the more the people involved experience a greater sense of joy, complement each other and experience transcendence through their life.

Company leaders and community leaders need to join hands in building a shared vision. By creating spaces where team members can voice their opinions and share new ideas, organizations in a way replace fragmentation with cooperation. By allowing each and every team member to have her or his own space, enables a team to become free from mistrust and encourages all team members to collaborate to form and realize a shared vision.

Spirituality is directly related to employee motivation. Employee motivation should not be limited to monetary compensation or job-related enhancements, but should also entail enquiring about and nurturing each and every team member’s personal interests and aspirations. Team leaders and managers need to assist their teams in creating a family-oriented team culture in order to make team members feel
cared for. Organizations need to remember and cater to both the personal and professional lives of team members. Just as it supports team success and celebration, in the same manner, it is essential that special occasions like member birthdays are also celebrated. Such a motivation-oriented space helps the
leaders and teams to follow and achieve a shared vision more easily.

A spiritual mindset helps people to move away from self-interest towards the collective interest. An empowering organization is one that helps its teams to come together as one collective empowered unit where performance flows, cooperative action for change occurs, and the whole organization puts up a brilliant show.

Shared vision is the key to improving various areas of the corporate agenda including responsibility, accountability, performance and purpose. As everyone is operating from the spirit, there is no cut-throat competition. This shared vision will help the Silicon Valley and its players to realize that there is something more to work life than just our limited, ego-centric view of it. Once they realize this innate truth, the employees will be able to bring optimism and lightness in spirit to their work environment.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When employees understand the role they play in helping their organization meet its goals, and the role that their shared vision plays to advance the goals, they are more likely to make meaningful and committed contributions.

Kernel of Discovery by Chitra Lele

The wellspring of infinite choices
Lies within you.
The right choice of inner voices
Will bid the emotional clutter adieu!

With the aura of transformation activated
All blinders are bound to be terminated.
This Miracle Master releases
The highest echelon of celestial forces.

As this kernel of discovery begins to stir,
It will activate the halo of unified consciousness
And the scum of old anchorages it will blur
To let you be your own catalyst of self-awareness.

This revolutionary orb
Then encircles the realms of existence,
From which angels of life absorb
Energy to dissolve barriers of false pretense.

Becoming self-aware is life’s purpose!
Immerse in the streams of pristinely wisdom
To enable the much needed spiritual catharsis.